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Why Water?

Why Water?: Text

Many areas in the U.S lack access to clean water and half a million are homeless and lack easy access to clean water. We have been on a mission to stop this since 2016, and with your generous support, we get closer to that goal every day.

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Water Connects Every Aspect of Life

Access to safe water can protect and save lives, just because it's there. Access to safe water has the power to turn time spent into time saved, when it's close and not hours away. But unfortunately, thousands of areas in the U.S are struggling to obtain clean drinking water.

Why Water?: Text

How Will We Tackle The Water Crisis?

We work with local experts and community members to find the best sustainable solution in each place where we work, whether it’s a piped system or a BioSand Filter. And with every water point we fund, our partners certify and conserve the quality of water, and establish a local Water Committee to help keep water flowing for years to come.


Water is the best investment the world can make because it can reduce disease, increase family income, and change lives.

We are also working on a new type of technology to help stop the spread of disease and bacteria on water fountains so even people with fragile immune systems can easily access water and to help with sanitation.

Why Water?: Text
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