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Vidagua Foundation

Spreading Life Through Water

 Vidagua is a U.S. based, non-profit organization that focuses on delivering clean drinking water to schools, homeless shelters in the United States and in impoverished communities in developing countries. We are based on a principle that water is at the core of sustainable human development and is critical for socio-economic and human prosperity.

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Thousands of areas across the U.S are affected by lead poisoning and half a million children die every year to lead poisoning. We at Vidagua strive everyday to amend this problem by giving water fountains with filtering technology to schools, and homeless shelters in these areas of the U.S. 


We also give water wells to impoverished areas in countries where accessing water is a struggle.


But we can not do this alone. With just a little bit of your time and a small contribution, you can help us help the suffering people in this world.

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What We Do

Vidagua offers a portfolio of smart solutions that break down these critical problems in the United States and in developing countries.


Our solutions are comprised of:

Global Engagement

Vidagua is committed to working with partners to provide drinkable water to families in poorer parts of developing countries.

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Water Fountain and Filtration Systems

Vidagua’s water solution is built around fountain and filtration systems developed and assembled by our partners and volunteers. 

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Vidagua’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) program allows results, processes and experiences to be documented through surveys and used as a basis to steer fundraising, decision-making and learning processes.

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Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer from

 lead poisoning and millions of children abroad cannot access

clean water in their village. You can help us get these people clean water

by donating here

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